Uniparker N5202 in Düsseldorf
01 января

Maximum utilization of the available parking space at the office building LaCour in Düsseldorf

The remarkable office building LaCour was built on the ground of the previous freight depot in Düsseldorf.

To provide state-of-the-art parking comfort, additional parking space was realised by installing our semi-automated parking system Uniparker N5202. Vehicles can be parked on 2 tiers. Beyond the parking system, light barrieres was set up at the entrance of the underground car park.

Gates at the entrance of each parking lot offer a maximum level of protection. In addition, pilars at the entrance were removed to ease the comfort for car drivers when driving on the parkinng platform horizontally. The parking lots are suitable for cars with a maximum gross weight of up to 2 t.

Uniparker N5202 in Düsseldorf